HKE Holdings Limited
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Our Story


We are a Singapore-based contractor specialised in the medical and healthcare sectors with expertise in performing radiation shielding works. We mainly provide integrated design and building services for hospitals and clinics in Singapore. In particular, we are experienced in undertaking turnkey solutions projects which comprise;

  • Preparation and consultation on building design and specifications, including in particular those involving irradiating medical equipment.
  • Performance of building works (mainly including radiation shielding works, M&E works and fitting-out works).
  • Assisting to obtain statutory approvals and certifications for the building works. To a lesser extent, we are also engaged in providing maintenance and other services, as well as sales of tools and materials.

Our integrated design and building services are widely required in construction, refurbishment and upgrading projects for medical facilities in hospitals and clinics in Singapore. Our services are essential for

  • Preventing leakage of radiation emitted by irradiating medical equipment from medical facility rooms.
  • Facilitating the installation of different types of medical equipment at the medical facility rooms.